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East Africa Bottling Share Company - Coca Cola

East Africa Bottling Share Company - Coca Cola


Position: Management Trainee (Women)
Job Time: Full-Time
Job Type: Permanent
Place of Work: Addis Ababa/ Sebeta - Ethiopia
Posted date: 1 month ago
Deadline: Submition date is over

Job Description

Coca-Cola Beverages Africa has taken women's development as a strategic initiative with the unwavering belief that companies that embrace inclusivity are rewarded for this in productivity and success. As a subsidiary of CCBA, East Africa Bottling SC has a goal of ensuring women to represented in leadership roles and it has designed various women development programs to support them achieve their career aspirations, becoming the best version of themselves, and further making them fit for leadership roles.

In line with this, we are excited to invite qualified and interested women candidates for one of the programs, the Women Management Trainee Program-WMTP, intended to develop high potential and courageous women towards leadership roles by providing them with the right skill set, mindset, and leadership competencies.

The learning is designed to be experiential with full application of 70:20:10 Learning methods and takes 12-18 Months through different learning approaches such as Job rotation, coaching and mentoring, classroom training, shadowing and exposure, e-learning, Peer learning and reflection, Business improvement projects and others to equip candidates with the required knowledge, skill, and attitude.

Where candidates in this program will be under the management category and enjoy the entitlement thereof.

Key Duties & Responsibilities

  • Agrees to undertake the full training program (which may include both the theoretical and practical Training program).
  • Pursues the training given by the company diligently by taking full ownership and demonstrates that he/she has acquired the desired knowledge and skill at each stage of the training program.
  • Handles properly and carefully all training materials, including tools, training equipment, and other objects entrusted to him whether for training or otherwise.
  • The Trainee shall regularly and punctually attend all courses whether theoretical or practical.

Skills, Experience & Education

  • BSC degree in Chemical Engineering and at least 5 years experience with Safety, Health, environment, and Quality in an FMCG or Manufacturing environment with exposure to leadership Responsibilities.
  • BSC degree in Mechanical Engineering with at least 5 years of logistics or related experience in FMCG or Manufacturing environment with exposure to leadership Responsibilities.
  • BA Degree in Management, Economics, Accounting, or Marketing Management, with at least 5 years of Sales, Finance, Procurement, Marketing, Public Affairs, and Communication or related experience in a Manufacturing or FMCG environment with exposure to leadership Responsibilities.


Skill and Competencies Requirement:

  • Communication Proficiency- Demonstrate effective communication skills by actively listening, articulating ideas clearly, and providing necessary contextual information.
  • Agility-Possess the ability to anticipate, learn, comprehend rapidly, and adapt to dynamic situations.
  • Collaborative Skill- Engage with team members and colleagues within the organization, offering input, sharing information, and honoring commitments as needed.
  • Problem-Solving Skill: Generate innovative ideas, devise improved processes, simplify complex concepts, or streamline customer experiences to save time.
  • Critical/Strategic thinking: Exhibit clear, rational thinking and grasp the logical connections between concepts, while adeptly conceptualizing, applying, evaluating, and synthesizing information.
  • Creativity: Embrace the courage to challenge the status quo, remain open to continuous change and disruption, explore diverse perspectives, and propose innovative ideas and approaches.
  • Passion for People: Possess the desire and capability to collaborate effectively with others, mobilizing, executing, and driving transformation with agility.