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Mercy Corps Ethiopia

  • HR Assistant
  • 3 years
  • Gode

Mercy Corps is a leading global organization powered by the belief that a better world is possible. In a disaster, in hardship, in more than 40 countries around the world, we partner to put bold solutions into action — helping people triumph over adversity and build stronger communities from within. Now, and for the future. We help people overcome poverty and conflict. Working with communities, we leverage local logic to help people transform their lives. To grow more food, earn higher incomes and ultimately advocate for their needs. We see global challenges as an invitation to pioneer innovative, sustainable solutions. During our 34-year history, our work has improved more than 170 million lives in more than 115 countries around the world. Mercy Corps Ethiopia invites motivated and qualified candidates to apply for the following vacant position. Position Title: HR Assistant Duty Station: Gode Open Position: 1 Describe an overview of the job mission general POSITION SUMMARY: Working in the HR Department under the direction of the HR Manager and Area Manager, the HR Assistant will be responsible for the day to day routine tasks of HR activities the HR assistant role where the details are specified under the Essentials of Job Functions below. ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS: - Provides generalist human resources support to the Mercy Corps Ethiopia HR Department in Gode and other field Offices - Collect and track required employee paperwork; - Maintain employee records, filing, and documentation such as recruitment documents, CVs, valid contracts, timesheets, employee datasheets, and performance evaluations as well as ensuring leave records of all staff are properly maintained and updated. - Completes the new hire process for employees; collecting data, and creating new employee files - Prepare interview agendas and guides for candidate interviews - Assist in updating employee files; facilitating the documentation processes. - Screen resumes for selected positions to send to hiring managers - Produce a weekly activity report - Ensure that records regarding personnel activities and personnel data are kept confidential - Conduct himself/herself both professionally and personally in such a manner as to bring credit to Mercy Corps and to not jeopardize its humanitarian mission. - Follow up employee medical insurance reimbursement. - Responsible for the management of staff leave. - Ensure all local admin or legal issues are handled in a smooth way - Perform any other similar tasks that may be reasonably assigned by the line manager. KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE: - College Diploma/Degree in Office Administration, Secretarial Science, Accounting, Business Administration, Public Administration or Human Resource Management is required. - Three years of related experience is required - Good computer skills (especially Microsoft Excel, Word, and Outlook) - Professionalism and self-motivation expected at all times. - Must be confident, self-starter, an independent thinker and have strong organizational, interpersonal and communication skills; team-oriented - Excellent communication skills, written and oral are required. - Demonstrated cultural sensitivity, emotional maturity, and appropriate flexibility. - Excellent organizational skills with the ability to successfully manage multiple tasks. - Flexibility in responding courteously to the immediate needs of visitors and callers; Success Factors: ● Fluent in English, Amharic and local language for the location applied: Somali (capable in all require basic skills: reading, listening, speaking and writing); ● Curious, great problem-solving skills, unafraid to ask questions, and results motivated; ● Excellent communication, presentation, facilitation; ● Computer literate especially in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) How to Apply All interested candidates are encouraged to apply for the position advertised. All applications submitted to the Mercy Corps office include a CV, three references, and all relevant official documents. Applications will not be returned and will not be retained for future recruitment efforts. In order to ensure fairness to all applicants, personal inquiries are not permitted. Only candidates that are shortlisted will be acknowledged and called for interviews. “Mercy Corps is an equal opportunity employer promoting gender, equity, and diversity. Qualified female and young candidates are strongly encouraged to apply. We are committed to empowering women and youth.” DEADLINE FOR ALL APPLICATIONS: 15 December 2019/ 4:00 PM Please send non-returnable applications and credentials to one of the following address: et-recruitment@mercycorps.org Note: Please make sure that you mention the position title in the subject line of your email application. OR: Mercy Corps Recruiter Addis Ababa: P.O. Box 14319 Arbaminch: P.O. Box 33, Jijiga: P.O. Box 225 Negelle Borena: P.O. Box 116 Dire Dewa: P.O. Box 974

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በገቢዎች ሚኒስቴር የምስራቅ አዲስ አበባ አነስተኛ ግብር ከፋዮች ቅርንጫፍ ጽ/ቤት

  • የሰው ኃይል ሙሌትና የስራ ምዘና ባለሙያ
  • 2 ዓመት
  • Addis Ababa

በገቢዎች ሚኒስቴር የምስራቅ አዲስ አበባ አነስተኛ ግብር ከፋዮች ቅርንጫፍ ጽ/ቤት ባሉት ክፍት የስራ መደቦች ላይ መስፈርቱን የሚያሟሉ አመልካቾችን አወዳድሮ በቋሚነት ለመቅጠር ይፈልጋል። የስራ መደብ መጠሪያ፡ የሰው ኃይል ሙሌትና የስራ ምዘና ባለሙያ ደመወዝ፡ 9,246 የትምህርት ዝግጅት፡ በማኔጅመንት፣ በቢዝነስ ማኔጅመንት፣ በቢዝነስ አድሚኒስትሬሽን፣ በፐብሊክ አድሚኒስትሬሽን እና ዴቨሎፕመንት ማኔጅመንት፣ በማኔጅመንት ኢንፎርሜሽን ሲስተም፣ በአድሚኒስትሬቲቭ ሰርቪስ ማኔጅመንት እና ቴክኖሎጂ፣ በፖለቲካል ሳይንስና ዓለም አቀፍ ግንኙነት፣ በመልካም አስተዳደርና ልማት ጥናት፣ በሰው ሀብት ስራ አመራር የትምህርት መስክ የመጀመሪያ ዲግሪ አግባብነት ያለው የስራ ልምድ ብዛት፡ በሰው ሃብት ስራ አመራርና ልማት ኦፊሰር፣ ጀ/ኦፊሰር፣ በትምህርትና ስልጠና ኦፊሰር፣ በሰው ሀብት መረጃ አስተዳደር ኦፊሰር፣ ጀ/ኦፊሰር፣ በሰው ኃይል ሙሌትና አገልግሎት ጀ/ኦፊሰር፣ በአደረጃጀት፣ ስራ ምዘናና ጥቅማ ጥቅም ጥናት ኦፊሰር በሰው ሃብት መረጃ አሰባሰብና ጥንቅር ሰራተኛ 2 ዓመት ብዛት፡ 1 ስለሆነም ከዚህ በታች በተመለከተው ክፍት የስራ መደብ ላይ የተገለጸውን መስፈርት የምታሟሉ አመልካቾች ይህ ማስታወቂያ ከወጣበት ቀን ጀምሮ ባሉት 6 (ስድስት) ተከታታይ የስራ ቀናት ዘወትር በስራ ሰዓት ቅዳሜን ግማሽ ቀን ጨምሮ መመዝገብ የምትችሉ መሆኑን እናሳውቃለን። ማሳሰቢያ፡ 1. ለስራ መደቡ የምታመለክቱ አመልካቾች ከምትሰሩበት መስሪያ ቤት የስነ-ምግባር ችግር እንደሌለበት የሚገልጽ ማስረጃ ማቅረብ ይኖርባኋል። 2. አመልካቾች ለምዝገባ ስትመጡ የትምህርት ማስረጃችሁን ኦሪጅናል ከማይመለስ ፎቶ ኮፒ ጋር ማቅረብ አለባችሁ። 3. የሚቀርበው የስራ ልምድ ከግል መ/ቤት የተገኘ ከሆነ የስራ ግብር ስለመከፈሉ የሚያረጋግጥ ማስረጃ ማቅረብ ይኖርባቸዋል። 4. የኮሌጅ ዲፕሎማ ወይም በቴክኒክና ሙያ ደረጃ 4 ተመራቂዎች የብቃት ሰርተፍኬት COC ማቅረብ ይጠበቅባቸዋል። 5. የምዝገባ ቦታ መገናኛ ለም ሆቴል ኮሜት ህንጻ 9ኛ ፎቅ ቢሮ ቁጥር 906 ስልክ ቁጥር 011 667 49 97

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John Snow Inc.(JSI)

  • Human Resources Assistant
  • 2 years
  • Addis Ababa

John Snow, Inc. (JSI) is a public health management firm, headquartered in the United States, dedicated to improving the health of individuals and communities throughout the world. JSI has been implementing public health work in Ethiopia for over 25 years. JSI is implementing the five-year Digital Health Activity in Ethiopia, which is funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The purpose of this activity is to support the Government of Ethiopia (GOE) to improve the quality of health services and create a sustainable health care system through the use of data for decision making, as well as to provide similar services to other countries in Africa or to respond to a crisis in Ethiopia (as needed). The primary objectives of the Activity are to 1) support information technology systems and data repository at all levels; 2) build a culture of data use, and 3) improve capacity and governance of MOH health information systems management. The HR Assistant is responsible for the day-to-day management of all administrative HR activities, including personnel file management, recruitment support, HR compliance, employee onboarding/off-boarding, and payroll support. The HR Assistant will work closely with the HR Manager and members of the Finance team to ensure all HR matters are carried out in compliance with JSI and USAID policies and regulations and in compliance with Ethiopian labor law. Responsibilities: - Create and maintain employee personnel files, ensuring all documentation is complete, up-to-date, and in compliance with JSI policies, labor law, and USAID regulations. - Support recruitment efforts for the Activity, including posting/advertising of all job descriptions, shortlisting qualified candidates, scheduling interviews, conducting reference checks, collecting required documentation from candidates, etc. - Prepare drafts of new employee offer letters/contracts for review/signature by the HR Manager and project leadership. - Maintain up-to-date staffing trackers to monitor all employees and track personnel data in a centralized location. - Serve as the primary point of contact for staff on JSI’s electronic timesheet system, and liaise with the home office support team, as needed. - Work with all new staff to ensure all required documentation is submitted on time and saved in their personnel file. - Work with the HR Manager to ensure all staff receives orientation/training on all HR policies for the Activity and JSI. - Prepare new hire orientation packages, schedule staff orientation sessions, and coordinate with the HR Manager to develop/deliver orientation/training sessions on HR policies and procedures. - Prepare JSI staff monthly payroll information, in coordination with the Finance team. - Promote and enforce JSI’s culture and values, particularly around fraud/ethics and ensure all staff have completed the fraud/ethics training on an annual basis. - Support the enrollment of staff in JSI insurance policies (health, life, etc.) and support the enrollment of staff in Ethiopia’s pension scheme. - Monitor the status of contract end-dates and work with the HR Manager to ensure all contract renewals are processed in a timely manner. - Ensures that staffs bring all the necessary documents timely. - Responsible for implementing JSI's Accountability Framework and Code of Conduct, and adhering to JSI's policies on fraud management. - Perform any other tasks as assigned by the Supervisor. Supervisor (Name and Title): HR Manager Qualifications: - Bachelor’s Degree (equivalent) in Business Administration, Human Resources or related field; - Minimum of two years of experience in the role of a human resource; - Experience working with international donor organizations and experience with USAID preferred; - Familiarity with Ethiopia labor law; - Excellent diplomatic, interpersonal and communication (written and verbal) skills; - Through an understanding of and ability to analyze human resources functions; - Expert computer skills in Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook; - Must be fluent in Amharic and English (written and spoken); - Ability to handle confidential information with care; - Ability to travel up to 20% time to regions throughout Ethiopia. How to Apply Interested and qualified applicants should submit their resume and a cover letter to DHoperationsjobs@jsi.com no later than December 19, 2019. You must include the name of the position you are applying for in the subject line of the email. If this is not included, your application will not be considered. Any applications received after the closing date will not be considered. If you are an internal candidate to JSI (you currently work for JSI or recently left JSI) you should use this email address to apply.

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Jabi Commercial and Industry PLC

  • Human Resource, General services and Property Administration Manager
  • more than 8 years
  • Addis Ababa

Jabi Commercial and Industry PLC would like to invite qualified and competent candidates for the following vacant post: Job Title: Human Resource, General Services, and Property Administration Manager Qualification and Experience: - BA Degree in Public Administration, Management, Marketing Management, Business Administration and Purchasing and Supplies Management - More than 8 years total experience in Human Resource, General Service and Property Administration activities out of which 6 years direct managerial experience in the stated position - The Ideal potential candidates with Certificate in Applications Software is more preferred No. of vacant posts: 01 Place of Work: Addis Ababa, Head Office Salary: Negotiable Interested and qualified applicants are invited to submit the following documents: Application letter, CV, and Copies of supporting documents quoting the job title on the email subject line (Human Resource, General Services, and Property Administration Manager) to jabicommercialindustry@gmail.com no later than Dec. 29/2019 or submit in person within 7 working days. Please note that incomplete applications will not be considered Address: On the opposite side of St. Lideta Church, Near Commercial Bank of Ethiopia Zaguwe Building, On Awash Bank Building 1st floor Office No. 105 for more information you can dial using +251 115 30 30 60/ +251 930 47 06 41

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Ethiopian Red Cross Society (ERCS)

  • Head, Regional Branch II for Dire-dawa Region
  • 6/8 years
  • Dire Dawa

The Ethiopian Red Cross Society (ERCS) wants to recruit employees in the following vacant positions the details of which are mentioned below. About the Ethiopian Red Cross Society The Ethiopian Red Cross Society (ERCS) was established in 1935 and is one of the oldest and largest humanitarian organizations in Ethiopia. ERCS provides services to communities affected by natural and manmade disasters through the provision of emergency responses, ambulance and first aid, family reunification, essential drugs, water and sanitation, and other humanitarian services. ERCS also runs disaster risk reduction programs with the aim of creating resilience in households and communities. Currently, the ERCS has a structure consisting of 11 Regional Offices, 33 Zonal Branches, and 131 District/Woreda Branches, 599 Woreda Red Cross Committee and 5871 Kebele Red Cross committees. Key Performance Areas - Plans, organizes, directs, coordinates and controls the overall activities of the Regional Branch of the Society; Ensures that general guidelines and criteria that are used to guide opening, structuring, defining duties and responsibilities, monitoring and evaluating performances, rewarding/punishing, developing and mobilizing resources and regulating the overall activities of branches are effectively implemented in the Regional Branch - Ensures that the provisions of the charter and bylaws derived thereof, decisions made by the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies as well as general assemblies and boards of the National Secretariat and the Regional Board, principles, policies, procedures and the overall statutory framework of the Society are consistently and properly enforced in the Regional Branch - Channels work instructions, directives, policies, and procedures initiated by the National Secretariat and the Regional Branch itself to zonal and woreda branches for implementation and ensure effective and proper enforcement thereof, - Coordinates, monitors, and evaluates the overall activities of the branches under the Regional Branch; follow up and facilitates the timely preparation and submission of regular and exceptional reports by zonal branches; consolidates and communicates reports of national concern to the National Secretariat - Organizes, oversees, coordinates and follows up vulnerability assessment activities, intervention prioritization, and project formulation activities on program areas of the Society in the Regional Branch; solicits local financing sources of program and project activities and effects intervention accordingly; - Ensures that the operation and support functional units of the Regional Branch are properly coordinated, synchronized and synergized in their activities; Ensures that the zonal and woreda branches of the Regional Branch are delegated with adequate authority and responsibility and ensures enforcement accordingly; - Enhances the capacity of the Regional Branch in sharing and disseminating values and principles of the Movement and International Humanitarian Laws to humanity, documenting and efficiently sharing/ disseminating best and promising practices in humanitarian work and organization - Represents the branch in bilateral dealings with other components of the Society, public organs, nongovernmental organizations and other partners in humanitarian work in the Regional Branch; - Prepares the agendas of Board meetings, in consultation with the chairperson of the Regional Board, and distributes same to board members together with relevant documents; Reporting to:- Regional Board II /SG Terms of employment: Permanent after probationary period Grade:- XIV Qualification Requirements: - Second/first degree in Management/ Public Administration/ Disaster Risk Management/ Public Health/ Social Work/ Sociology/ Social Psychology/ Social Anthropology/ Rural & Local Development Studies/ Governance & Development Studies - 6/8 years related work experience, out of which 1/2 years in a managerial position(s). - Willing to give voluntary service to society with his/her own initiative. How to Apply We invite candidates meeting the required qualifications to fill out the employment application form from the official website of the Ethiopian Red Cross in the vacancy menu http://www.redcrosseth.org/get-involved/vacancy and email to ercs-recruitment@redcrosseth.org OR postal service, Ethiopian Red Cross Society, Human Resource Dep’t, P.O. Box 195, Tel- 0115-504651, Addis Ababa. OR Dire-Dawa. Red Cross Regional Branch, P.O.Box, 05, before the closing date of this announcement on December 7, 2019. Qualified women are strongly recommended to apply!

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Sinohydro Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam HSS Project Office

  • Human Resource
  • 5 years
  • Assosa - Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

Job Description Required No: 1 Responsibility - Be able to solve dispute and problem independently, signing a contract based on the right procedure Qualification & Experience - Graduated from any collage 5 years work experience understanding of labor proclamation Proficiency: - Writing & Speaking English - Teamwork & Problem-solving Salary: 5000-12000 How to Apply Interested and qualified applicant should apply through the address below Email: go4btz@gmail.com Please specify the position you apply for as a subject of your email Address: Imperial Road to new stadium Next to Zola Hotel for more information call to 0966235353

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