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VisionFund Micro-Finance Institution S.C

VisionFund Micro-Finance Institution S.C


Position: Senior Manager
Job Time: Full-Time
Job Type: Permanent
Place of Work: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Salary: Negotiable and attractive benefit packages
Posted date: 1 year ago
Application Deadline: Submition date is over

VisionFund Micro Finance Institution S.C is an institution established according to the proclamation No. 40/96 to provide financial services to the productive poor in the rural and urban areas of Ethiopia. VisionFund is currently operating in four of the Regional States of the country through 84 branches. VF MFI now seeks to fill the following position.


Position: Senior Manager, Business Development & Partnership Department

About the Job:

VisionFund MFl is currently looking for candidates for the position of Business Development & Partnership Department Manager. The successful candidates will have skills and experience that meet the following requirements:

Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation

  • Plans, organizes, directs, coordinates, and monitors the activities and services of the Department;
  • Formulates policies, guidelines, strategies, methodologies, and action plans related to, marketing activities;
  • Plans and performs fundraising/income-generating mechanisms such as generating sound project and/ or business ideas; prepares proposals and plans, submits to donors and funding agencies, and exerts maximum efforts until acceptance of the proposed projects/business plans are obtained;
  • Checks amend and consolidate plans of each work unit in line with the overall objectives VF MFI intends to attain;
  • Establishes standards and yardsticks and project monitoring tools for measurements and evaluation of actual operations
  • Coordinates and develops different projects and programs that are internally and externally financed and follows-up their implementation
  • Performs the monitoring and evaluation of the execution of the overall plan sand reports discrepancies to the DCEO;
  • Periodically assesses and brings to the Management's attention the Impact of the credit and saving services on the life of the rural and urban poor.

Business Development and Marketing

  • Supports initiation of new business ideas, preparation of proposals and plans for donors and funding agencies and plays an active role in the implementation;
  • Studies and identifies new areas and target groups requiring the services of VF MFI:
  • Studies the possibility of facilitating specialized financial services to different social classes;
  • Ensures that customer service quality standards are established and monitors implementation of same:
  • Ensures customer satisfaction surveys are conducted;
  • Follows up the development of customer relationships strategies to attract and retain customers;
  • Ensures that appropriate training packages are designed for the clients of the Company in order to enhance their basic skills;
  • Coordinates marketing research to improve the products of the Company;
  • Coordinates designing of new products or modifying existing products in collaboration with operations departments for the purpose of satisfying the needs of clients;
  • Carries out an independent investigation where higher rates of defaults and dropouts are and as a result of causes other than natural adversity are reported and comes up with proposals for corrective actions;
  • Determines/monitors the impact of the marketing efforts by relating them to changes in operational indicators;
  • Regularly monitors the marketing strategies and tools that competitors use, and assess effectiveness,
  • Evaluates and recommends action on prevailing interest rates at least before every fiscal period begins;
  • Evaluates performances of each branch as a separate cost center and recommends actions to the management

Livelihood and Partnership

  • Develops strategies, plans and annual budget for livelihood and integration functions and also reviews the budget quarterly;
  • Ensures the maintenance of close network with WVE and ADPs;
  • Ensure timely delivery of reports to the primary partners and partners;
  • Keeps liaison and networking with collaborators and stakeholders to promote the company's business

Staff Management

  • Manages and Supervises, leads, guides and supports the staff of the department;
  • Ensures the development of key leadership, management, and technical skills of direct reports to increase their capacity to develop and undertake major initiatives and assume larger responsibilities to further expand operational impact and sustainability;
  • Completes annual performance appraisals for staff responsible to him/her

Learning and Reporting

  • Keeps up to date with developments in the industry including best practice examples in-country and Internationally, and ensures ongoing personal development and learning
  • Collects and document all relevant socio-economic data in relation to the activity of the Company
  • Participates in the documentation and dissemination of lessons learned
  • Ensures that reports are prepared and submitted to concerned on time and in a professional manner
  • Prepares periodic progress reports of the Department and gives feedback on the performances of Area and Branch Offices

Qualification and Technical Skill Required

  • University degree in Marketing/ Economics/ Management or related fields
  • At least 10 years of related experience out of which 4 years in a middle-level management position
  • Prior experience partnership and product development are preferred.
  • Determined personality with initiative, perseverance, and the ability to motivate and manage a team
  • Capability and willingness to take responsibility and a highly developed sense of rectitude
  • Ready to comply and live up to and in accordance with the organization ideals and Core Values
  • Be proficient in Microsoft Office applications
  • Good knowledge of economic topics
  • Very good communication and marketing skills

Terms of employment: Permanent

Salary: Negotiable and attractive benefit packages