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Greenroad Ethiopia Logistics PLC

Greenroad Ethiopia Logistics PLC


Position: Junior Freight Forwarding Officer
Job Time: Full-Time
Job Type: Permanent
Place of Work: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Posted date: 1 year ago
Application Deadline: Submition date is over

Company Information:

Greenroad Ethiopia Logistics Plc is Custom’s Clearing agent and freight forwarding company. Recently we are in need of young professional teams with the highest capacity and accuracy. We offer a great opportunity for growth.

Junior Freight Forwarding officer duties and responsibilities 

A Junior Freight Forwarding officer works to manage and oversee Documents of import and export goods into and out of a country through land and sea. Junior Freight Forwarding officer duties and responsibilities involve continuous tracking of transport documentation within the office, goods across the globe in which the company is in charge of clearing and forwarding the goods, meeting deadlines for goods clearing and delivery, relentless and prompt reporting of goods and documentation status, maintaining customer satisfaction through need-based caring and reporting, planning and execution of each project or operation the officer is assigned or undertaken.

Key Responsibilities;

  • Receive and follow  new incoming operation for subsequent follow-up
  • Follow up of transport documents and giving appointment for drivers
  • Applying for transport payments through our internal system.
  • Liaise with operation manager and clients to give due attention to the top urgent operations.
  • Plan and execute documentation and loading and or clearing estimated times and report
  • Make reports of any estimated time of arrival or delay ahead of ample time to let clients have time or manage their expectation
  • Contribute towards the achievement of the company’s strategic and operational objectives
  • Make sure order entry, bookings; issues and documentation are handled with no errors.
  • Provide our customers with adequate service to their logistics requirements
  • Ensure customers are being served professionally at all times
  • Maintain good relationship with team, customers and grow our business with them
  • Prepare and send documents for Agents in any of the Ports in real-time
  • Prepare freight-related payments and documents from ESL if the company needs to do so! And get ready the document on time
  • Request customers to finalize documents which are on the going process and submit immediately to the team in charge of the remaining document 

The ideal candidate will have;

  • Operational knowledge & Customer Service Experience within Logistics / Freight Forwarding
  • Microsoft Office skills
  • Good command of Excel
  • Good communication skills
  • Excellent in teamwork
  • Good typing skills

 Key skills and qualifications of Junior Freight forwarding officer:

  • The successful candidate should be educated to a high standard and hold a recognized higher education certificate in Supply chain management, Logistics, Marketing, and international trade and investment management with a minimum of CGPA 2.5.
  • Must have a maximum of 1 year of experience in the logistics and freight forwarding sector.
  • Will have a solid understanding of all Customs clearance documentation and experience of preparation of Bills of Lading in particular scenarios, and knowledge of all shipping related documentation.
  • A Junior Freight Forwarding officer must have excellent communication skills both verbal and written.
  • Must be able to manipulate computer programs, which are developed the company’s operation's sake with minimal guidance and support.
  • Must be a capable person to handle operations during high-pressure times and overloaded tasks and schedules.
  • Must be competent and highly proactive for tasks bottom lined with deadlines