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The Pharo Foundation

The Pharo Foundation


Position: Medical Staff
Job Time: Full-Time
Job Type: Permanent
Place of Work: Homosha, Benishangul Gumuz, Ethiopia
Posted date: 1 year ago
Application Deadline: Submition date is over

Company Overview

The Pharo Foundation (“the Foundation”) is a privately funded entrepreneurial organization that runs a philanthropic programs as well as for-profit social enterprises. The Vision of the Foundation is an economically vibrant and inclusive Africa. The Mission is to achieve the Vision by investing in the human and physical capital of Africa, with an emphasis on job creation.

Established in 2011 as a UK based non-profit, the Foundation has already carried out more than 30 projects, primarily in Ethiopia and Somaliland. The key themes for the philanthropic side of the Foundation are education, health, water and agriculture.  Social enterprises cover all areas where the Foundation feels an effective impact can be made with the aim of sustainability and job creation.

In September 2019, Pharo School Homosha opened its newly completed Grade 9-12 boarding school for female students in the Benishangual-Gumuz region. Fully funded by the Pharo Foundation, the Pharo School Homosha campus is situated on 3 hectares of land and is made up of eight buildings, (comprising of Administration, Classrooms, Library, Hall, Cafeteria, Dormitory, Store, and Service) with a total area of over 6,000 M2.

The Pharo School requires a full time, qualified medical staff, with qualifications ranging from a medical doctor, public health officer or nurse to care for the school student body of 120 female students and attend to the immediate health needs of the Pharo School staff. This is a full-time position with irregular hours, including evening and weekend hours. This position requires living on campus. Accommodations and meals are provided.  Duties will vary, based on the medical qualifications of the successful candidate.


Basic and Essential Duties include: 

  • Staff and run the school’s Health/Medical room
  • Work with School staff to implement all necessary safety protocols to deal with any suspected COVID 19 cases and treatment of mild cases
  • Provide input and recommendations on necessary supplies and equipment for the school’s Health/Medical Room
  • Provide medical advice and emotional counseling support to students
  • Based on qualifications – order medical tests
  • Provide first aid, emergency care, and additional treatment as necessary on-site
  • Accompany students to hospital and health clinic, following up on medical results
  • Record the dispensing of all medicine
  • Monitor safe storage, usage, distribution, and disposal of medical supplies and medications
  • Advise administration on students’ health care needs
  • Provide thorough care for unwell students
  • Determine when emergency medical services are required
  • Act as a liaison between hospital and health clinics and make recommendations to school administration
  • Exchange and maintain confidential information with professionals within the community in order to effectively meet the needs of students
  • Contact parents/guardians to provide health updates and advising them in case of emergencies
  • Safeguard personal and health information learned in the context of the medical staff-client relationship and disclose this information (outside of the health care team) only with client consent or when there is a specific ethical, safety, or legal obligation to do so.
  • Conduct mini-workshops for students related to health, emotional counseling, and hygiene
  • Maintain stock of school’s medical supplies and medical equipment
  • Provide first aid, emergency care, and treatment during sports events and other school activities
  • Provide and maintain confidential counseling and health advice service – referring to other health professionals as appropriate
  • Implement procedures for medical screening tests for new students
  • Ensure all students have complete and up to date medical and confidentiality release forms on file
  • Maintain accurate and up to date medical records for all students
  • Develop a medical record  storage system that ensures confidentiality and allows for rapid retrieval of information
  • Accompany students on field trips and care for any medical needs as required
  • Promote health education throughout the school community
  • Teach first aid courses (i.e. CPR, First Aid, etc.) as necessary
  • Sanitize and organize the health office
  • Participate in the general school community by leading activities for students or student clubs


  • Nursing Degree, Public Health Degree or Medical degree  
  • Current and valid Licensing, based on qualifications
  • Minimum of 2 years’ experience
  • Current Basic life support (BLS) certification, or equivalent training
  • Fluency in written & spoken English
  • Strong interpersonal skills and a client-oriented disposition
  • Positive, motivated, and willing to learn
  • Ability to work in a very fast-paced environment
  • Strong word processing, email and general computer skills 


  • Experience working in a boarding school environment or similar environment.

Required No. 2 (Two)