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Position: Marketing & Sales Performance and Planning Manager
Job Time: Full-Time
Job Type: Permanent
Place of Work: Addis Ababa, Addis Abeba - Ethiopia
Posted date: 4 weeks ago
Deadline: Submition date is over

Purpose of the Role:

The Marketing and Sales Performance and Planning Manager is responsible for driving growth and ensuring the success of the company’s services. You will be responsible for developing a strategic and analytical approach, combined with industry-specific knowledge and strong leadership skills, to effectively manage marketing and sales initiatives, optimize performance, and lead a dynamic team in a highly competitive and rapidly evolving industry.

Roles and Responsibilities:

A. Market Analysis and Strategy Development

  • Conduct in-depth Market Research to understand customer preferences, competitor strategies, and market trends in the mobility sector.
  • Develop targeted marketing and sales strategies to attract new riders and retain existing ones.

B. Campaign Management

  • Plan, execute, and oversee marketing campaigns across various channels (digital, social, media, outdoor advertising, partnerships, etc)
  • Analyze the effectiveness of campaigns and adjust strategies to optimize performance.

C. Customer Acquisition and Retention:

  • Design and implement programs to acquire new customers and increase the lifetime value of existing customers.
  • Oversee loyalty programs, promotions, and special offers to drive customer engagement.

D. Partnership Development:

  • Establish and maintain Partnerships with businesses, municipalities, and other stakeholders to expand the service reach and enhance brand visibility.
  • Negotiate and manage partnerships to ensure mutual benefits and strategic alignment.

E. Budget and Financial Management:

  • Manage the marketing and sales budget, ensuring cost-effective use of resources.
  • Forecast sales and marketing expenses and monitor financial performance against targets.

F. Team Leadership:

  • Lead a team of marketing and sales professionals, providing guidance, support, and professional development opportunities.
  • Foster a collaborative and innovative team environment.

G. Technology Integration:

  • Utilize technology and data analytics to enhance marketing and sales efforts.
  • Implement customer relationship management (CRM) systems and other tools to track and improve performance.

Qualification and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, Business Administration, or related fields.
  • 8 Years of total experience with 3 years of direct experience in managerial roles.
  • Experience working in startup companies.
  • Experience developing long-term strategies and adapting them to a fast-changing market.
  • Experience in sales planning, execution and achieving revenue targets.

Knowledge and Skills:

  • Understanding the ride-sharing/mobility services industry, including key players, regulations, and technological trends.
  • Awareness of urban mobility challenges and solutions.
  • Ability to analyze large datasets to derive actionable insights.
  • Ability to use data analytics tools and software.
  • Proficient in using digital marketing, social media strategies, and traditional marketing methods.
  • Excellent negotiation and relationship building.
  • Excellent at Leading and motivating diverse teams.
  • Strong Communication and Interpersonal skills.