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African Development Bank

African Development Bank


Position: Water & Sanitation Officer
Job Time: Full-Time
Job Type: Contract
Place of Work: Addis Ababa - Ethiopia
Posted date: 1 month ago
Deadline: Submition date is over


The Agriculture, Human and Social Development Complex (AHVP) leads in implementing two of the five priority areas “High 5’s”, namely “Feed Africa” and “Improve the Quality of Life for Africans”. The Complex comprises five departments: (i) Agriculture and Agro-Industry Development; (ii) Agriculture Finance and Rural Development; (iii) Gender, Women and Civil Society; (iv) Water Development and Sanitation; and, (v) Human Capital, Youth and Skills Development. The complex objectives are (i) to develop policy and strategy; (ii) to provide deep sector expertise to the regions and (iii) to develop new financing instruments.


The Water Development and Sanitation Department (AHWS) is part of the Agriculture, Human and Social Development Complex. The Department is responsible for the coordination of the Bank’s water development and sanitation-related activities to enhance synergies and contribute to the achievement of all High5s (Power and Light Africa, Feed Africa, Industrialize Africa, Integrate Africa, and Improve the Quality of Life of Africans). The AHWS leads the scaling-up of the Bank’s contribution to Africa’s efforts to attain water security and sanitation for socio-economic transformation. The Department is also responsible for the origination of Non-Sovereign Operations (NSOs). In so doing, the Department leads the scaling-up of the Bank’s contribution to Africa’s efforts to attain water security and sanitation for sustainable socio-economic transformation. It also supports regions concerning complex projects. Through its Divisions: AHWS. l for Water Security and Sanitation in West and Nigeria, and AHWS.2 for water security and sanitation in East and Southern Africa, AHWS.3 for Water Security and Sanitation in Central and Northern Africa, and the African Water Facility (AWF), the AHWS supports regional hubs in the development and promotion of knowledge, approaches and tools for green and inclusive water security and for improved sanitation.

The AHWS 2 Division for East and Southern Africa works in tandem with AHWS1, AHWS3 and the AWF to provide the Bank’s thought leadership for water development and sanitation in Africa. The AHWS 2 plays a lead role in supporting member countries to attain water security through the provision of technical expertise, generation and dissemination of pertinent sector knowledge and fostering strategic partnerships. In line with the mandate of the Department, AHWS.2 provides guidance in the following thematic areas, among others: (i) integrated & transboundary water resources development and management for water security; (ii) water supply and sanitation for all and, (iii) water sector governance; as well as the cross-cutting areas including gender, climate change, private sector engagement and fragility.


The Senior Water and Sanitation Engineer, reporting functionally to the Division Manager, AHWS.2 and administratively to RDGE/ETHIOPIA country office, has the following work objectives:

  • Contribute to the Bank’s water security and sanitation agenda and related objectives of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) including attaining water security and sanitation for all thereby contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of the people
  • Facilitate cohesive approaches to guide the Bank on water security and sanitation programming in Africa. Areas of responsibility include program design and development, portfolio management, resource coordination, provision of technical advice, identification of resource issues, policy development, and advocacy for sustainable water development and management in consultation with governments and Technical and Financial Partners in the country
  • Contribute to the Bank’s integrated water resources management and development programs (including transboundary programs), considering the increasing demand for water, rising conflict among competing water uses, climate change, fragility, urban development, and other key global trends
  • Liaising with national-level stakeholders and maintaining close collaboration with regional hubs and other water-related complexes in the Bank, while contributing to the appropriate management of technical knowledge and guidance towards building water security as well as promotion of sustainable and affordable water supply and sanitation technologies and approaches.
  • Assist RMCs in understanding and applying Bank Group’s operational procedures relating to loan administration, and procurement of goods and services.


Under the supervision of the Division Manager, AHWS.2 and the Country Office, the incumbent will be responsible for the following:

Programming of Sector Priorities:

  • Provide technical advice/assistance to RMCs for the development of their water security and sanitation sector programming and tools towards ensuring a water-secure environment.
  • Contribute to the review, preparation and updating of policies, strategies, business plans and guidelines related to water security and sanitation, in line with the Bank’s Group’s strategy on water (2021-2025).
  • Support RMCs, in mainstreaming water security and sanitation as well as broader Integrated Water Resources Management principles in their policies, strategies and development plans
  • Assist RMCs in identifying institutional capacity-building and reform requirements.
  • Identification, Preparation and Appraisal of Water and Sanitation Projects / Programs:
  • Undertake business development activities and assist RMCs in generating project proposals.
  • Identify, prepare, appraise, monitor, and evaluate the implementation of water supply and sanitation programmes as well as multi-sector projects, utilizing technical background and experience.
  • Process projects for Bank Group financing (includes loan negotiations and preparation of agreements, loan effectiveness) and monitor compliance of RMCs to Bank Group procurement procedures.
  • Utilize knowledge and lessons learned from past and current portfolios to inform policy dialogue and new projects/indicative operation pipeline and programmes.
  • Ensure inclusion of proposed studies and projects in the pipeline of projects and Lending Program.
  • Ensure that projects conform with RMCs policies, priorities and development plans as well as with Bank Group acceptance criteria, policies and priorities.
  • Propose implementation and project financing; and collaborate in arranging co-financing of water supply and sanitation projects/programmes to leverage resources.

Portfolio Management

  • Manage project portfolio in accordance with Bank rules and procedures (includes planning, reporting, and follow up of agreed actions) and undertake implementation support missions to monitor and support the RMCs.
  • Perform project completion missions with a view to preparing project completion reports.
  • Carry out reviews of project documents submitted and coordinate with the ecosystem to provide feedback and Bank’s decisions.
  • Carry out project completion missions to undertake evaluation of projects to account for investments, result achieved, and documentation of experiences and lessons with recommendations.

Knowledge and Economic Sector Work

  • Provide strategic contribution in the conduct of country and/or sector studies to promote efficient and effective water resources management in order to assist the economic transformation of RMCS.
  • Contribute substantially to sector analytical work focusing on: (i) Emerging water resource challenges; (ii) promotion of Integrated Water Resource Management; and (iii) broader water security.
  • Document and disseminate current developments in the field of climate change for water sector-related projects customizing best practices from other international organizations.
  • Prepare sector diagnostic notes and contribute to policy dialogue and engagement with RMCs.

Strategic Partnerships

  • Foster and contribute to the coordination and collaboration with other development partners and non-government institutions to advance the water agenda.
  • Represent the Bank in Sector Donor Group meetings in the country.
  • Perform other related administrative or technical duties:
  • Represent the AHWS in meetings related to the water sector within the Bank, and externally.
  • Perform other related administrative or technical duties by Drafting responses for the Manager’s, Director or Director General’s signature on water-related issues.

COMPETENCIES (skills, experience and knowledge):

  • At least a Master's degree s in Civil Engineering, Water and Sanitation Engineering, Water Resources Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering, or a related field with a focus on water security and sanitation
  • A minimum of five (5) years of relevant professional working experience in water security and sanitation programming, project management, and policy formulation at national level. In-depth knowledge and practical experiences with integrated water resource management, climate change and water governance modalities.
  • Demonstrated ability to think strategically, conceptualize and synthesize complex water security and sanitation sector issues (translated into effective oral and written briefs)
  • Knowledge of water security and sanitation, sector reforms, public-private partnerships, sector coordination, innovative financing mechanisms and pro-poor strategies in the country
  • Experience in undertaking project cycle activities particularly: investment planning, identification, preparation, appraisal and supervision of water security and sanitation sector infrastructure (including water supply and sanitation, dams, storage, water conveyance structures, irrigation, climate risk management, etc.)
  • Clear understanding of the technical and policy drivers of the water sector and the political economy of reforms.
  • Strong analytical skills, in designing water sector operations, including climate risk assessments.
  • Ability to initiate innovative approaches and originality at work.
  • Professional experience in international development finance institutions and working experience into the region are preferred.
  • Familiarity with the work of other multilateral and bilateral development finance institutions
  • Demonstrated ability to function effectively in a multi-cultural environment sustaining partnerships, and to build effective working relations with clients and colleagues.
  • Problem-solving – Applies knowledge of past situations/trends as appropriate; generates and tests multiple hypotheses or explanations for a given situation.
  • Client orientation – Identifies client needs and business trends and proactively consults with them to deliver integrated customized solutions.
  • Outstanding verbal and written communication skills in English; proficiency in other languages desirable.
  • Competence in the use of Bank standard software (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint). Knowledge of SAP is desirable.