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Safaricom Telecommunication Ethiopia

Safaricom Telecommunication Ethiopia


Position: Management Executive – SCM & Logistics (Internal/External)
Job Time: Full-Time
Job Type: Permanent
Place of Work: Addis Ababa, Ababa Abeba - Ethiopia
Posted date: 6 months ago
Deadline: Submition date is over

Reports to:

  • Chief Finance Officer

Direct reports:

  • EHODs of Sourcing, Logistics, SCM Enablement,
  • Departmental Administrator

Dotted reports:

  • Project Managers

Role purpose:

The core purpose of the role is to lead and direct all facets of the supply chain management function including procurement, product distribution and logistics, stock planning and inventory management, and inbound logistics and customs processes, through effective strategies, partnerships, systems and processes to achieve efficient customer order fulfillment and continuous optimization of value from the company’s total procurement spend, with high standards of quality, effective project delivery and high levels of customer satisfaction, as well security of supply and effective total supply chain risk management including embedment of business sustainability goals and staff development for achievement of career goals.

Key accountabilities and decision ownership:

Drive Procurement Value and Business Competitiveness Through Efficiency and Cost Leadership

  • Drive category sourcing strategies to guide the way the company purchases each category of spend in order to optimize value, achieve supply efficiency as well lowest process costs and supply risk management for each category.
  • Develop and maintain a framework for establishing and managing relationships with suppliers that enables suppliers’ performance to be measured and improved continuously, enables suppliers to propose and progress cost and quality improvement initiatives, and promotes good corporate governance and win-win relationships.
  • Manage an ongoing process to continually identify and implement cost saving measures in order to achieve spending optimization to contribute to overall company competitiveness.
  • Manage customs relations to ensure full compliance and preservation of Safaricom’s authorized economic operator (AEO) status
  • Develop and maintain freight mode guidelines to achieve the business service and cost objectives; manage third party logistics providers to meet service levels, and manage supplier delivery performance.
  • Develop and maintain guidelines for sea vs. air freight models, and monitor and enforce adherence
  • Manage supplier performance for delivery of both imported and local orders to ensure the Business realizes contracted value.

Delight Customers and Protect Revenues

  • Develop and maintain efficient systems and processes for all aspects of Distributor and M-Pesa Agents' sales order fulfillment, and third-party logistics service provision to customers.
  • Define and drive high standards in daily product order fill rates to support company sales targets.
  • Design and maintain systems and processes for capturing customer (Distributors) issues and providing resolutions
  • Optimize scratch cards and SIM card supply plans through an effective S&OP process to meet market demand.
  • Manage the design, formatting and packaging of SIM cards and scratch cards to meet business needs while optimizing costs.
  • Drive optimal investment in inventories (saleable stock, CWIP and spare parts) through effective planning, analysis and actionable reporting to enable relevant Business decisions
  • Build and maintain efficient data systems for import documentation to meet internal and external needs.

Develop and Maintain Effective Functional Policies and Processes

  • Development and maintenance of all supply chain policies and procedures to support business objectives and to promote competitiveness, fairness, good corporate governance, and business agility

 Drive Effective Risk Management and Sustainability in Supply Chain

  • Develop, document and implement formal contingency sourcing plans as part of the business continuity planning framework
  • Develop and Implement Occupational Health and Safety processes and procedures across all supply chain process
  • Build and maintain Operational Risk Management framework including formal process for identification, assessment and mitigation of risks in the supply chain
  • Deepen sustainability of the company’s supply chain through an effective ESG (environment, social and governance) policy framework for SCM and drive annual goals aligned to Business needs.
  • Adhere to the Company’s ESG reporting framework including that required by Shareholders and Government Agencies
  • Continuously assess the risk and compliance status of high-risk areas in the supply chain, and ensure that the Company is not adversely exposed to high risks.

Drive Effective Delivery Performance and Contract Management

  • Drive the contract management process across the business and provide support to maintain robust practices in SupplySide, leases and SellSide contracts.
  • Develop and maintain software systems, policies, procedures and processes to ensure efficient development, enactment, administration and closure of business contracts in order to achieve quality delivery and optimal risk management relating to contracts.
  • Support business units in maintaining a robust contract management process in their functional areas through the use of software platforms.

 Develop staff and promote a conducive culture

  • Develop a high-performing and motivated team and guide staff to achieve their career goals
  •  Develop and maintain a competency framework for SCM to guide staff skills and competency development.


  • Degree in Business, Technology/ Engineering or a similar area
  • At least a Graduate Diploma Qualification in Supply Chain Management.
  • Minimum of 9-11 years experience in procurement and supply chain management with responsibility for policy development, category strategy development, procurement performance management, and supplier partnership development in an environment leveraging ERP and digital capabilities for procurement-related functions and processes.
  • Experience in distribution network design, and supply chain operations including customer fulfillment, inventory management and goods import operations.