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BGI Ethiopia

BGI Ethiopia


Position: Operator L2
Job Time: Full-Time
Job Type: Permanent
Place of Work: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Posted date: 1 month ago
Application Deadline: Submition date is over

Purpose of the job

Perform production as per production plan, Keep his personal hygiene. Encourage workers for the best achievement. Ensuring and fully fill the appropriate raw materials, additives, chemicals, and labor needed for the job. Ensures the cleanliness and readiness of the machinery for the process. Ensures cleanliness and proper housekeeping. Ensures proper implementation of Quality Management System

 Main duties & responsibilities

  • Be punctual and make ready himself by wearing clean overalls and necessary safety devices.
  • Receive process activities from his previous shift worker and continue his work as per his immediate supervisor's instruction.
  • Maintain production machinery cleanliness, safety, readiness, and the availability of raw materials, chemicals, and additives needed prior to the beginning of the production process
  • Keep all raw materials and additives in their proper and right place and avoid contamination, damage, and wastage.
  • Respect the sampling plan and send the right sample to quality control and if there is a discrepancy of result from the standard contact immediate supervisor for correction.
  • Record and maintain all laboratory results and process data in the right recording format and/or logbook.
  • Control each processing unit operation in order to prevent unnecessary loss of raw materials, intermediate products, and minimize downtimes.
  • Regularly inspect the proper working of equipment and parts especially Hammer mill and sieve etc...
  • Fill inappropriate information on the standard format provided which ensures that, the product has passed through the production process according to the standard.
  • Communicate with maintenance shift workers (utility operators, mechanics, and electrician) for any failure of utility supply and technical to rectify the problem and your immediate supervisor
  • Maintain proper cleaning and sanitation of the working area, internal and external part of the machinery.
  • Every time make ready the cleaning chemicals of CIP solutions to the required standard before starting CIP
  • Clean and make ready equipment for subsequent process operation.
  • Respect the implementation of the loss prevention method on each processing unit and production safety on each worker of the department.
  • Report on the logbook what has been accomplished and not accomplished in the shift, indicate and pass to the next shift status of the process.
  • Give all necessary information about his/her job whenever asked

Job Requirement

  • Punctuality-Discipline
  • Quality of Work
  • Volume and Swiftness
  • Teamwork & Company spirit
  • Safeguard of Company Assets

Expected Education and Experience

  • TVET/Diploma from technical schools or BSC, Chemical Engineering, and food science.           
  • Minimum 1 year for TVET/Diploma and Fresh graduate for BSc